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In Memory

Patricia Wilkerson

Patricia Wilkerson



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02/17/09 11:36 AM #1    

Mary Jo Hart (Brust. 815-488-8082)

We grew up together, played together in the Bilger Street neighborhood and were friends.
I hope you have found peace.

Mary Jo

03/14/09 12:06 PM #2    

Christine Crouch (Heintz)

Ok I have been putting this off for too many years. We had such a love hate friendship and when it went bad it went bad and I am sorry for that. I have been sorry for alot of years for calling you bug eyes when I got mad at you and sorrier even more for giving you that black eye in front of super dairy. Mr Jones gave me such a ration of poo about that in our history class. There I have made my peace and I hope you forgive me and I hope you have found peace now. I dont think life was too kind to you. When I see you in the after life I am hoping we can start over as friends !!

03/14/09 03:22 PM #3    

Janice Holmes (Kohan 630-730-5842)

I think Christine said it for all of us, we had a love hate relationship also.
We had been friends and family for many years. Our families were always together
I'm sorry you had a rough life...and I know you were finally trying to live a life you wanted when you left us.
God give you peace


03/18/09 01:03 PM #4    

Christine Crouch (Heintz)

Patty never married, i didnt know that. Linda didnt either I dont think. I didnt know she was in the Army either

03/22/09 06:41 PM #5    

Marjorie Thomas

Patty when I think of you I remember our grade school years at Greeley...pals we were...you and all the Greeley 5th graders and those of us from Northlawn that were bused there for our 5th and 6th grade yrs...how can any of us forget those wonderful 2 yrs...at SHS we had a class or two together...you sat next to me and we continued havin fun...I did't know of your troubles Patti...so sorry life was so hard......I hope you have found eternal peace my friend...I will remember you PW....Marjie

05/17/09 02:33 AM #6    

Sandy Eilts (Aukland)

Hi Patty - I found that glamour shot picture of you today as I was going through old photos. I am glad you moved home and that we had a chance to go to the craft shows together. I enjoyed the time we spent together. I miss you.

10/17/11 08:47 AM #7    

Janice Holmes (Kohan 630-730-5842)

Patty thinking of you today and always.....You would have had fun on our cruise...but I know you were there with us in spirit.

Miss our times together we were very close.....than came highschool...things changed....

I know you had a rough life and now you have peace......

Until we meet again

Love Janice

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