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In Memory

Mary Ann Zelenak (Sanford)

Mary Ann Zelenak (Sanford)

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02/17/09 03:40 PM #1    

Marilyn Howe (Sauers)

I had the privelage of hanging w/ Mary Ann in our high school days. What silly fun we had! I enjoy talking w/ Mary Ann's daughter Heather, whenever we run into each other. Heather and I will go out someday and reminice about those good ole' days over some margaritas!! It was a sad day when Mary Ann passed. May you always rest in peace. Marilyn

03/01/09 09:49 PM #2    

Marjorie Thomas

Mary Ann....I can't believe you are gone...I will always remember how much fun we had....your giggle and the way you sneezed was the funniest...the sock hops were definitely the best....I remember dancing together before a guy would come over....peace and love...Marjie

03/14/09 03:33 PM #3    

Janice Holmes (Kohan 630-730-5842)

Mary Ann
We were friends for a long time even though we did not hang together in high school. I still have good memories. Our mother's worked together too.
I am so sorry you had suffered with Asthma, now that your suffering is over and you are with the Lord in heaven maybe when we are there together we can renew our friendship.

Rest in peace

06/02/09 02:58 AM #4    

Pamela Bourne (Williamson)

Mary Ann was such a little cutie. We had such fun together while we were in Jr. High. I remember how she suffered from her asthma. If the weather was bad, she had to miss going to the dances. She is now without the fear of not being able to breathe. I will remember our fun always. Miss you, Mary Ann.. . Pam

07/26/09 03:14 PM #5    

Pam Van Deventer

My friend Mary Ann...I'll never forget the night several years ago-answering my phone and hearing Debbie Cook Fulton sobbing on the other end. I just knew it had to be awful news. It was.

We had so much fun! I still miss you Mary Ann. And, if you still have the rollers in your hair every Saturday with that cute little babushka over them, could you PLEASE take them out?!!! Your hair looks great even when you do nothing with it! Oh yeah, and I'll never take you downtown on a Saturday afternoon again if you insist on walking down Main street, past Hills and Millers with a GIGANTIC box of Kotex...the boys will KNOW!

I was with you, Danny Uhren, and Sam Brooks the night that man first walked on the moon. The memory of standing on the deserted street, listening to the broadcast on a hot July night via Danny's car radio is just as vivid today as when it happened. We were all in awe that we were just mere specs in the universe, looking toward the moon on that clear night, knowing that there were humans up there!

I hope that you have a clear view of the moon from where you are now...

09/23/09 08:06 PM #6    

Debra Cook (Fulton)

Mary Ann was my best friend from the time we were in second grade. She moved into the neighborhood and we grew up together. We went through Sherman, Northlawn, and SHS together. I thought we would always be close and raise our kids together. When we married we kind of drifted apart. She had her family and job and I had mine. We would still keep in touch but it wasn't the same. Several years before she passed away the house behind us was sold and I said to my husband "I wonder who bought it?" It was Mary Ann and her husband. Still we were busy raising our kids and didn't spend the time together that we should have. One Saturday my neighbor came over to tell me she thought Mary Ann had died. I told her it couldn't possibly be true but I would call my mother and ask. My mom was crying so hard she couldn't talk to me on the phone. I got in the car and drove to see Mary Ann's dad and he told me what happened. In the blink of an eye she was gone. I had wasted all that time not making her a part of my life thinking I had time when our families were grown. Little did I know she would be taken so early.
One thing I have learned over the years is to live for today, you don't know what tomorrow will bring. Say the things you need to say to your family and friends and cherish each moment god gives you.

I have many fond memories of Mary Ann and her family. They were part of my family as I spent as much time at her house as she did at mine. Her dad still lives in the neighborhood by my mom. Each time I see him or Mary Ann's sister all those moments come back. How fortunate for me that she was part of my life.

10/17/11 08:50 AM #7    

Janice Holmes (Kohan 630-730-5842)

MaryAnn thinking of you today and always.....God has you in his arms......see you again someday my friend.....

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