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In Memory

Randy Spires

Randy Spires

Randy lost his battle with cancer in 2003. Rest in peace Randy.



Article from the The Times-Press February 28th, 2003

Judge Randolph Spires & Mark Panno August 1999

Randy at the 20th Class Reunion. We miss your smile Randy.


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04/08/09 01:22 PM #8    

Diann Weik (Handy)

I go way back with Randy - he went to the Methodist Church I attended long before high school. We enjoyed Vacation Bible School and MYF meetings and Sunday School.
He always used to make me laugh from across the table in Sunday School when I should have been paying attention to the lesson. He will be missed by the Class of 69' and I have been blessed by knowing him.

04/16/09 01:24 AM #9    

Robert Mohan

Dolph old buddy,

Wherever you are, I played your favorite song, "The Sound of Silence", on this website in your honor tonight.


04/16/09 11:19 AM #10    

Mark Panno

Randy passed away on February 27, 2003 after a six month battle with cancer. I was with him till the end, that sad Thursday morning. He fought hard and was strong mentally, with that Randy sense of humor, until the end. Randy and I were friends since we were ten years old running around Riverside. I could not have been any prouder to call him a life long friend. He achieved his professional goal to become a judge. But, more importantly, he achieved his goal to become a great husband and father to his three children. He is missed but never forgotten.


06/02/09 03:10 AM #11    

Pamela Bourne (Williamson)

Randy had the sweetest smile and the querkiest sense of humor. I was glad to hear he had married and become a father. That was so important to him. I imagine he is entertaining the angels with his antics. It was a pleasure to say I was a friend of his, even if for just a short time. Sadly missed but remembered with love. Always - Pam

08/11/09 10:23 PM #12    

Pam Van Deventer

Randy-I'll never forget when Doc Schiffbauer paired us together in 1968 for that cheesy revue at Engle Lane. We were a couple for about 5 scenes. We were more like oil and vinegar! The most memorable was when we had to sing Slow Boat to China. You had to hold me in your arms and were supposed to romantically gaze into my eyes, but you made the most awful faces to try and make me laugh in front of the audience! As soon as we got off stage, I would slug you in the arm-hard. Doc was not pleased. You know, to this day, I remember every word of that song and still think of you. Let me sing it to you one more time...

"I'd love to get you,on a slow boat to China, all to myself alone.

Get you and keep you in my arms ever more.
Leave all your lovers weepin on a far away shore.

Out on the briny with the moon big and shiny
Melting your heart of stone
I'd love to get you
On a slow boat to China all by myself alone"

I miss you Randy and wish I could slug you in the arm for old time's sake. Love...Pam

08/22/09 11:32 AM #13    

Mona Melrose (Eutsey)

Randy and I were also great friends. I went to the same Methodist Church that him and him mom did. I'll never forget the smiles, the warmth, and the love that he had for all of his friends and especially his mom. He made me smile just by the twinkle in his eyes. He was always respectful, and his life was fulfilled with a lot of love from all.
Randy, I'll never forget you! Wish you were here to share all of the love and fun from all of the classmates for our 40th reunion. I'm sure you'll be there in spirit! I'll never forget you my friend!

08/22/09 12:02 PM #14    

Marjorie Thomas

Just viewed this lovely tribute to Randy...Mark and Randy were the best of friends...knew it back in school and I know it now...keep thinking Randy should be here with us...and I try not to cry thinking about it....but in my heart...I do know he is here...he is in our hearts and in our spirts...for that is how he has always been...I miss him...and Mark and Bob...I truly know how much you miss him too...but werent we the luckiest people?...we knew Randy for a lot of years...we shared so much with him...and the day will come when the great Class of 69 will be together again...Randy is there waiting for us...so lets just smile...have fun at our reunion and most of....remember this lovely man...he was our friend in life...and in death...heres to you Randy...you are with us always....love....Marjie

08/23/09 03:35 PM #15    

Devohna (Dee) Goluba (Burks)

Rest in peace old friend. you are truly missed.

08/27/09 01:20 PM #16    

Diane Scarratt (Englert. 815-672-5570)

I just read the tribute to you Randy. May you rest in peace. Gerry talks about the many good times that the two of you had in the old Vermillion/Monroe Street neighborhood. He was just telling me the other day how lucky he was to be able to go places with your family. My heart goes out to your mom to know her pain of losing a son. To you, Randy....

09/23/09 08:31 PM #17    

Debra Cook (Fulton)

I met Randy the first time in Junior High when he rode his bike to Mary Beth Bedekers. His friend Tom Hanway had a crush on Mary Beth and they came over to see her. He was always in for a good time. Since he went to Oakland Park and I Northlawn I would see him during the school week when he came over for band. Diann and I had a crush on a certain boy that was a friend of his and he use to deliver notes to him for us. Boy were we bold in those days.

I saw him again in 1999 at a High School awards banquet. My son was president of National Honor Society and introduced Randy as the speaker at their awards banquet. Afterwards I went up to him and said hi. He had no idea who I was until Doug Murray told him, he came over to talk afterward.

His address for the evening was so Randy. He talked about all the things he didn't do in High School that he wished he would have and how the students could achieve what they set out to do. He probably made a greater impact on those students with his honesty, because he gave them hope that some of them thought they didn't have.

The year he died I had the previlage to work with Tammie Panno so I knew a little of what was going on with his illness. Randy was an inspiration to all who knew him.

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