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Peggy Moore Horton

Profile Updated: August 30, 2009
Residing In:
Monon, IN USA
Buzz Horton
Youth Services Librarian
Sam, born 1977
Sarah, born 1980
Annie, 1985-2002
Attending Ice Breaker?



The reunion is almost here – and I’m finally adding to the website. Thanks to the creators! It’s been fun reading classmates’ histories and memories.

After SHS, I went to DePauw where I met Buzz Horton. After we married in ’74, Monon, Indiana became my home. And I used to think Streator, Illinois was a small town!

Buzz and I have three children, though in 2002 our 17-year-old Annie was killed in a car accident. Even though her death changed us forever, we treasure the memory of her zest for life. Sam, 32, and wife Holly are parents to Bridget and Katy; they live in Indianapolis where Sam is a neurologist. Sarah, 29, last March married Matt Mahar; they also live in Indy, where Sarah works in human resources for M & I Bank.

Buzz runs the family farm, and I’ve taught 3rd grade, preschool, and have been children’s librarian at our public library for 22 years now. Rather mundane life… but it’s been good!

We don’t get back to Streator often, since my parents are gone now. But when I do go back, I always drive by the schools, houses, and old stomping grounds. I feel so fortunate to have grown up in such a loving, safe environment with great friends, teachers and community.

Circumstances have kept some old friendships going strong… Sally’s son John was a Fiji with Sam at IU, and Betsy’s sister Nancy became friends with my sister Sally in Santa Barbara. While Gary Pellegrine worked at Caterpillar in Lafayette, Buzz and I got together with Sue and Gary. And what fun to have mini-reunions with Betsy, Sally, Sue, Jane and Joy… at Starved Rock Marina and at Jane’s house.

I’m looking forward to seeing many of you! ?

School Story:

I have wonderful memories of SHS…. Those dances in the gym after the games were great and the music of the 60s the best ever. Didn’t we always have live bands? One memory is of a freshman year football game when we cheerleaders were getting our coats on, anxious to go to Super Dairy… when Mrs. Stephens asked, “WHERE are you girls going???” We thought the game was over when in reality it was just halftime. And Dolphins with Miss Scouten… I was always gasping for air. I also think of how much we changed in those four years, from 1964 to 1969… a perfect example being Freshman English with Miss Tkach with her precise, careful and kind world of writing and thinking…. then progressing to Miss Driscoll with her making us question everything we had ever learned! Other great memories….. the blue heavy cotton swimsuits for swim class (how much water weight did they hold?), morning announcements in homeroom (and Mr. Henson testing the microphone), Super Dairy, Hall’s, Norris’s, tooling (29 cents for a gallon of gas at Clarks), bushwhacking, and TPing (and getting caught by police while searching for Ricky Ott’s class ring in Mr. Henson’s yard), writing and passing notes (we pre-dated Danielle Steele), walking the halls before 8 am, bonfires (are they outlawed now?), wearing skirts and loafers (my how things changed that next year of 1969)…. and the innocence and hope we enjoyed!

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Peggy Moore Horton has a birthday today.
Oct 27, 2018 at 4:33 AM
Oct 04, 2018 at 5:47 PM
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Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:19 AM
2nd Grade at Garfield School! Do you remember anyone here? Can you find Chris Kerr, Kent Krotzer, David Schallhammer, Jack Martin, Sally Perisho, Patty Baker, Helen Fornof, Roberta Crampton, Ann Metcalf, Jackie Moore?
Miss Spence was my favorite teacher because she let us listen to classical music, close our eyes, and color with crayons "whatever the music wanted us to color." NOT the typical elementary teacher from the 50s.
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:19 AM
4th Grade at Garfield School? Can you find: Sally Perisho, Chris Kerr, Jackie Moore, Peggy Moore, Kay Wagenknecht, Patty Baker, Jack Martin and Roberta Crampton?
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:19 AM
Jan, Jeannie, Betsy and I before a SHS talent show when the music quit playing and we tried to keep on doing the Charleston, heaven forbid.
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:19 AM
This is our family at Sarah's March 21 wedding: Buzz and I, daughter Sarah and Matt Mahar, son Sam and wife Holly with 1 year old Bridget and Katy due in 2 weeks.
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:19 AM
with Sarah on her wedding day
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:19 AM
Matt and Sarah (Sam is on the right, Matt's sister on left)
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:19 AM
Sam and wife Holly, Katy and Bridget - in Chicago with us this summer
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:19 AM
Sister Susie and hubby Chuck Schott with Buzz and me in Chicago this summer
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:19 AM
This was our Annie!